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40 Questions You Should Ask When Shopping for a New Pool.

1. How many sub contractors do you use?

2. How much wait-time can I expect between phases of the job with each sub contractor?

3. Do you put in a drainage system around the pool underground to remove ground water?

4. Do you backfill the pool with dirt that came out of the hole or with rock?

5. How many skimmers will I get?

6. Will one skimmer be placed to receive debris that collect with the prevailing southwest winds?

7. Will there be one or two main drains?

8. Will the main drain be connected to the bottom of the skimmer or will it be an independent dedicated line to the pump?

9. Will my pool be built to APSP safety standards?

10. Will I get Jandy® valves, gate valves or ball valves?

11. Will I get 2" PVC pipe in all of the plumbing or 1 1/2"?

12. Will I get 2" ball valves to open and close each skimmer, main drain and inlets?

13. Will I have unions on all lines coming from the pool and going back to the pool so I can easily disconnect lines?

14. What brands of equipment will I get with my pool and are parts available?

15. Do you have a service department, how many service techs and do they get regular classes to keep up with the latest technology?

16. Will I get at least a 1 HP self-priming pump, what brand?

17. Will I get a sand filter, cartridge filter or a DE filter?

18. If I get a heater, what brand will I get, how will it be vented if I put it in a pool house?

19. What is the BTU rating of the heater?

20. What diving boards are available to choose from? What are the differences?

21. If I get a ladder and/or a dip rail, will it be set in an anchor so it can be removed or directly in concrete where it can't be removed?

22. Can I get a variety of coping to choose from and a variety of textures, colors, brick, cantilever, aluminum or natural stone?

23. If I get coping that is not part of the deck, will the crack be filled with vulkem to seal it and protect from freeze/thaw expansion and contraction?

24. Will my deck be gray broomed concrete or will i have cool deck that won't burn my feet?

25. Will I have 16 colors of cool deck to choose from?

26. Will my deck have expansion joints of plastic or wood or will it be saw cut?

27. Will my expansion joints and edges of my deck get edged and be rounded so it looks finished?

28. Will my pool and deck be clean before you leave?

29. Do you have a storefront that I can come in and get questions answered, buy chemicals and have my water tested after my pool is installed?

30. Do you have plenty of references I can call?

31. Have you ever been in any litigation regarding a pool you have built before?

32. Will all of the trash be picked up before you leave?

33. Will all of the dirt be raked and made ready for seed before you leave?

34. Will you train me to operate and chemicalize my pool before you leave?

35. Will I have a variety of sanitation methods to choose from, what are they and will I need any special equipment?

36. Will I receive a 20 page manual on pool care, operation and chemistry?

37. Will you explain the warranty on my pool and its components?

38. Can you watch over my pool if I go on vacation?

39. Will you be there if I need repairs or service?

40. What other support services do you offer after the pool is finished?

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